Atlas bohemian ring


A brand new, unique creation in Ame Nomade's collection. Five wonderful tied stones: pink jade and Moroccan iridescent stone set on aged silver 925.


This bohemian, silver ring Atlas is about something impalpable, indefinable, a sense of freedom that hangs in the air like the scent of orange blossom.

It captures your feminine energy because of the simplicity in materials and how you feel when you wear it.


Absolutely perfect for the everyday casual and minimal look while still having a touch of glam with the right accessories and combining it with more rings.

Each piece is unique and specially made for you following ancient methods. 

Available for pre-orders, will ship 5-7 days after you place your order

MATERIAL: handmade pink jade and Moroccan iridescent stone set on aged silver 925.

SIZE: M/L/XL . If you know the exact size please choose it from the menu and we will make your ring in your exact size.

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