Eastern princess.

So far away like the moon that's still shining.

Stealing my midnight thoughts without even trying.

Amazed by your eyes though it wasn't the colour.

It was the story they told me, a story unlike another.

Write to me, put the words on paper and out of your mind.

Talk to me, articulate the words of the story told by your eyes.

Cry to me, there's no escaping what God prescribed for us when we're down.

Walk with me, theres nothing to fear when you know I'm right behind.


No more. She ends the conversation like closing the door.

There's some things she wants kept secret and then a little more.

And so I wait for her to blossom for her to open her heart.

She's shed her damaged petals and it's time for a new start.

Her snow white cheeks blushing when I bring her composure to life.

Red passion running wild on white innocence it's a magical sight.

This is a new year for love, love in the future.

Not the love I lost, not the love I lost.

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